My Story #2: A small gap and then.....

In the early summer of 2014 I was on the hunt for glass wear for the center pieces for the wedding (yes, Mark and I are newlyweds) and there was an estate sale across the street from our house. I had decided not to go because it was sad that the little old lady that we had come to love had passed away and now her kids were selling everything. Then Mark (still driving over the road at this time) tells me to just go look. I might find something for the wedding….. well then he had me hook, yarn, and marker. So I dried my hands from the dish water and went to look. I found another piece for the wedding table center pieces that matched the ones I already had exactly but some one bought the flat before I could. Seeing the disappointment in my face the gentleman asked me what it was that I wanted off the flat and after pointing timidly at it he handed it to me and said please just take it…. I asked what I could pay him for it and he said take it home and don’t worry about it. Thanking him profusely I started home, then on the way down the drive way I saw a disabled couple trying to get 5 plastic sets of drawers in there mini van. So, I stopped to help. With both the hover-rounds in the back there was no way that I could fit all five in so the lady asked me if I would like the 3 that wouldn’t fit and all the stuff in them. She told me that she didn’t know what was in them but she wouldn’t have anyone to help her unload them and they were very heavy. I was excited to have things (old things) to finger through. So I asked her what I could pay her for them and she said 5.00. Cool deal, that is exactly what I had in my pocket to spend on the glass wear. I did handed her the money and shut the van door and off they went. I toted 2 large 3 drawer shelf thingy with the glass cylinder in the bottom drawer of one and a tiny 4 drawer shelf thing home one at a time (they were very heavy). Once I got them home I found knitting needles…. all but one set going to one of my sisters. I found almost every copy of the “Work Basket” books from May of 1948 through September of 1994. *GOLD MINE*
I think I have fingered through those book so many times that I am seriously thinking about copying them all and putting them on a flash drive. I also found a McClain needle work book that is bigger than my head and I carry that thing everywhere with me along with my “101 Crochet stitches” there was also hooks and yarn galore! Then I happened on this strange little thing that I had never seen before. I put it back in the drawer and moved on finding needles and thread, Ada cloth and cross stitch floss, patterns and couple unfinished things, and a very very old camera with film still in it. I immediately took the film strips back to the oldest son and he thanked me seeming very surprised about it and I asked him about the camera and he said it will just get tossed if it is not sold if I bring it back so I should keep it. So it sits is a dark corner in the back of a cabinet in the kitchen awaiting its fate. (still to be determined) I still have some things to go through, it was to overwhelming to have my hands on so many neat things.

If you are wondering about the strange thing that I found and put back, I will put that story in a blog at another time. Sorry, to keep you in suspense this way but it just has to end here.


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Debbie Pribele ...

loving your stories!! My goodness, you do have adventures! :)

Andria ...

I love that you are reading them and commenting. Thanks