My Crocheting Journal #34: My Collaboration Mandala 2015

i am looking forward to the process and the end result of our collaboration.

My mandala will be using, or starting with, yarn from my creations of 2014.

My first row, my beginning, will be representing one of my favourites of the year…Yoda.


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Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)

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AuntiCi ...

I started the Mandala ……..can’t seem to locate what follows the first week ..I’m lost where should I look ? Thank you !

Debbie Pribele ...

all the different parts of the series can be found here

right now we are looking for ideas for Row 2

Debbie Pribele ...

My Row 2

it is the yarn from my “go bears” hats. (see below)
I see a little "oops in the centre round, but that’s ok. That will be my “yes, it is handmade” mark!

Row 2 directions:

Debbie Pribele ...

Row 3 – check!

This row is from remnants of the baby blanket that will be travelling across the ocean to its new home. (No photos of it yet.)

Debbie Pribele ...

row 4 √ (of our Collaboration Mandala )

The yarn for this row is from the Christmas Tree in this display

Debbie Pribele ...

row 4 √

Yarn from my “math” activity

Debbie Pribele ...

Row 7

Yarn from my valentine’s hearts