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My name is Magda Mucha. Manualnia (place where you “handmaking” something) was the name for my blog, which I set up to share with others. I am Polish living in Czech. I completed university studies (polish literature and language), traveled a little and… settled in South Czech. I live here with my husband and 2 daughters. After being a full time mum and housewife, I’ve started new creative life. I am at the beginning in my mid-thirties! I’m sensitive to visual art like film, theatre, photography, architecture, interior design and fashion. And I appreciate the power of Internet!

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How and when did you get into knitting/crochet?
The oldest memory of my knitting is when I was 7 years old at primary school. We had kind of “craft hours” and our teacher taught us how to knit slippers. But I remember that I could knit quite well in those days. When did I start in fact? I don’t know… at home my mum could knit, my elder sister could knit – I think I was really young baby girl when I had needles in my hands for the first time. Of course I forgot about knitting for long time. I restart for a moment when I knitted one “black long grunge style” sweater and then a hat and scarf set for my boyfriend. Well… I think that “serious” knitting has appeared in my life quite recently… 3 years ago.

What do you like more, knitting or crochet?
I can crochet simple pieces like flower or granny square but my imagination is definitely focused on knitting.

What has been your greatest challenge so far?
In fact, every project, every casting on is a challenge for me. When somebody asks me: “Could you knit XXX for me? Is it possible to have such effect?” it starts… thinking about technics, yarns, costs… Sometimes it is pretty long process to gain what you want, what you expect. Well, I think that cardigan Mist is the greatest challenge so far, I made up everything, I had only a word – something light, like a fairy, with hood and long sleeves and mohair in natural color… That is the Mist and people like it! I’ve knitted about 5 Mists so far.

What is the most rewarding part of knitting/crochet for you?
Every part is very emotional! First – idea, vision… then the whole process of thinking and very pleasant moments when something flashed. Next – trying technics, yarn, making samples, if it works – great! I go along – knitting – and this is the most impatient or… boring part. Finish – and? If I am satisfied, I can’t sleep before I share with other. If anybody else like it or wear it and give me nice feedback – job done!

Could you give some tips to people who have just started knitting/crochet or would love to start?
Don’t say “never”, “I can’t”, everything needs time and practice. Knit something easy but useful – nothing is more motivating than your own scarf or hat. When you make fault or something goes not very well – think that you can knit it again, better. Join group or forum when you can ask for help or find many useful tips. Follow tutorial films as many times as you need or look for better ones. There are plenty of them on Internet. Set up new folder with inspirations you found and after some time you would see how many of them you can knit or how easy-peasy they are!

Which one of your creations is your favorite?
I like all my creations! Hmm… I like seamless projects, every time I think how to knit it without sewing that is why I like knitting hats, shawls, cowls, top down sweaters (like my latest Feather Bat)… I really like Alpaca set – as you can see, nobody like it on KC, haha.

What’s been the biggest surprise in all of this for you?
Sometimes yarns surprise me and it isn’t nice when you bought quite expensive wool, you thought up every stitch, knit, wash and… that is not the effect you expected! But the biggest nice surprise is success of Mist. And Kangaroo Hooded Sweater, which first I knitted with awful acrylic yarn, just to knit and forget. But… when people saw it – that was explosion! I have knitted plenty of them, for children, for adults, even 4 the same colors but different sizes for 4 brothers and sisters… still I can’t understand why people like it so much! I definitely have to improve that pattern. In fact, that is the first my own made up project!

Thank you Magda for your time!

Some of Manualnia’s Creations:

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Kathy ...

Nice to meet you Magda! Love your creations! :-)

Manualnia ...

Thank you! I’m proud and greatful that I can show you my works here:)