Spring Babies #1: Expecting :)

Along with my daughter and niece I have two other close friends of hers expecting in the Spring, I’d like to crochet for them all. I will start with my daughter (due March 23- grandson) http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/leaping-stripes-and-blocks-blanket- her and her hubby are so into plaid I thought this would be perfect for their little one. (blue, grey and white). and of course a few baby booties.

Sam – due in February (boy) – pants with an elephant bum. Brit my niece -(due in April-girl)) blanket (heart strings) and a a pair of pants with an owl bum.
Last but not least Jade – (due in May) ?? haven’t quite decided on this one yet. suggestions and pictures welcomed :)

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Debbie Pribele ...

I did a variation of the leaping stripes

My granddaughter is using it all the time and I just love the look.. it’s probably the colours.

You are going to be busy — with crocheting and with “baby fixes” :)

MeMe ...

A light baby blanket and sweater set is always nice. I make my baby blankets big enough to use as a toddler nap blanket too.

Jansafire ...

update – have finished the first blanket – now working on the pants with an elephant bum. I will post the pics soon.