My Crocheting Journal #19: Tool Storage

This morning (really early), after letting the cat out, I was contemplating what I would accomplish today… and “bam” — and idea popped into my head and, well, my day began and I was up and making the idea happen.

A few years ago my niece gave me a wonderful jewelry box and this morning it changed roles. Let me backtrack a bit…

I happened upon this crochet hook and thought I’d give it a try >>> LOVED IT.

I love it so much that I want to get a whole set of them. They are shorter than normal and have the bulb on the end that fits lovely in the palm of the hand, sort of… I can crochet for days and not get a cramp. Love them.
“but” .. I spent two days online last week searching for more. No success.
And then I went to a local Len’s Mill Store and “what to my wondering eyes should appear” .. but several such hooks! Oh my. (Nothing bigger than 5mm) but I added to my set. (I don’t use the little hooks much but with my proposed challenge for the new year, they will come in handy.)
So, I now have a: 5mm, 4.5mm. 4mm, 3.5mm. 2.5mm. 1.5mm
I love them so much that I wanted to make a storage case for them. I had made a wooden stand for pens and thought that would work but the holes weren’t big enough for these handles — but I could make another one.
And then this morning.. the idea!!!

(sorry about picture quality, but it was early this morning when all this happened)

The Jewelry Box

The Crochet Tool Box

Top row: embroidery needle, stitch counter, and stitch markers
Middle row: scissors .. these don’t quite fit so I’ll have to go shopping :D
Bottom row: my crochet hooks.

Now I can set this anyway and it will look PRETTY!
Thanks to my niece, MandaPanda!

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BarbS ...

Wow. Idea!

MandaPanda ...

I was at a loss as to what jewelry box you were referring to. I remember now. Xo

Debbie Pribele ...

i can do crocheting on the go now and just carry my little purse with me!

Rosario Rodriguez ...

cool…love it.

Susanbeingsnippy ...

great project and amazing how something new can inspire the re-use of something old!

Debbie Pribele ...

I love it … it looks so cute and inside are TREASURES :)

Transitoria ...

My hook storage isn’t fancy, but it works. I use a full size toothbrush traveling case. I have one for my larger hooks and another for my steel hooks. I can carry sizes B though P in one and every size steel hook with some spares in the other.

Debbie Pribele ...

I have one of those as well but it is ANCIENT and falling to pieces. I have yet to find a good travel case again to replace it.

MeMe ...

I stumbled upon the idea of using cosmetic bags I get with ‘free gifts with purchase’ from the cosmetic counters. They are great for my needles, scissors, and other small items. They are a great size too – not too large, not too small. of course they are just a single pouch but I suppose you could use multiple bags for each different types of item you have too. One for needles, one for other implements. I am pretty simple in my supplies.