Crochet.Community Interview: etelina

A big thank-you to etelina for taking the time to do this interview – and for sharing her creations with us.

1. Tell us a little about yourself
My name is Marieta and I live in the beautiful city of Pleven – the seventh biggest city in Bulgaria. I am 47 years old. I have a master degree in Education with specialisation in Preschool Pedagogy and a master degree in Public Administration. Knitting and crocheting are my hobbies.

2. What is your “inspiration story” — where did your interest in knitting/crocheting all begin?
My mother taught me how to knit when I was 10 years old. Nevertheless, I am still learning after all these years. Knitting brings me joy, piece and satisfaction. I am especially happy to see when people wear my designs. That is the reason I joined 3 years ago. Soon I discovered that people appreciate and enjoy handmade crocheted and knitted products.

3. Knitting or Crocheting? …and why?
I love both.

4. What is your dream project?
Fashion parade, where clothing collections are presented, takes place every year in the city I live in. I dream to take part of the parade and to present a collection of women dresses. Currently this is only a project which will happen in the future. I believe that A Man is as big as big his dreams are. And I keep on dreaming.

5. What has been your greatest challenge so far and how did you overcome it?
Challenge is every new beginning and project.

6. What is the greatest gift that knitting/crocheting has given you?
The satisfaction and the approval of the people who use and wear my products.

7. What words of wisdom do you have for someone beginning to knit/crochet?
It was very difficult when I was seeing that something was not looking the way it was supposed to and I needed to do some of the work again. But I overcame it. I knit and if I need to do some of the work again, I go back and do it. I would like to wish to everybody who is starting now to be patient, inspired and to keep on dreaming.

Thank you!

You can see all of Marieta’s creations here -

And now, what would you like to ask Marieta (or any other comments, of course)

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