My Crocheting Journal #11: Post-Awards Entry

Now that the scarf is done for the Crochet.Community Awards (and the waiting begins) I can now turn to my list of other ideas and projects.

My Scarf Entry

The research for “the scarf” provided LOTS of inspirations and items for my dream list. But dreams are visions that may or may not be fulfilled. Goals are the first step in making them a reality.

So …. another scarf is in the making. I have experimented with the crocodile stitch and I found a beautiful inspirational shawl that has begged to be copied. Now, I have no visions of making something as beautiful as this — this one seems so… angelic… but something similar will be equally rewarding for me.

The Inspiration


I have a couple balls of Bernat’s “Waverly Baby” in Lavender, (medium weight acrylic) and so I’ve begun.
My “beginning” has begun about 5 times. I first started with a smaller hook… but thought it was too tight .. so I pulled it all out and tried a larger hook… still too heavy/tight .. so I pulled it out and started again .. still too tight. I kept experimenting and I’ve ended up with a big 10mm hook, the largest that I have and it is finally feeling soft and airy.

I’m sure that I’ll be doing this one again, but with a fine baby yarn, so that I get a better “angelic” feel to it.

At the point in the picture, I hear from across the room, “I can’t wait till I get a blanket” .. and so this shawl is packed away and another afghan has begun. I have lots of yarn left from my Tree of Life afghan and I hope that there is enough to complete another blanket.

I’m using a variation of this Caribou afghan. I’m removing some of the swirls as I have used a lot of my green yarn and still have lots of cream coloured remaining. This should give me a better chance of not running out of yarn!!

Another Project
I also have some fine cotton that I want to experiment with .. doing some doilies or something. I’ve played a little and it’s fun but I haven’t yet found “the project” that I want to focus on. … But first, the afghan.

Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)

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Brenda Harding ...

I’m new here. I was looking through all my doily and other various pattern books. I have a big box of crochet thread. I am disabled though you wouldn’t think it to see me except on bad days. Those days? I spend them in my chair crocheting. I found the cutest pattern on Ravelry for a girl and a boy goldfish. Haven’t got the time to get them done BEFORE Christmas but someone will get one after the holidays just as a “I love you and made this specially for you” gift. Working with the thread can be trying but it is so much fun. And it’s so easy to haul around everywhere. Give it a shot!

Debbie Pribele ...

I’ve tried it … no projects completed yet … it is a little more challenging and time-consuming than with yarn-yarn.
But I do like it….