The Scarf #1: The Scarf ...

The Quarterly Awards sounds so simple — crochet a scarf! Well, yes, that can be simple — but picking the pattern, picking a good pattern, picking a good pattern that you like — well, that has turned out to be quite complicated!!!

The Pattern
First, I spent HOURS scanning online images for a scarf that I really liked AND came with a pattern AND was something that I thought I could do.

Next, I picked a pattern, made a scarf and when all was done, I didn’t like it. It was WAY too big and looks goofy. Next!

So, I started again …. more surfing the internet.. more selecting… and I came up with option # 2.

So I started crocheting. And I made a scarf. … I don’t like it. … and there it sits in a lump. Next!!!!

Back to the internet; back to hours of sifting through photos, photos, and more photos …. and I chose option #3.

The Yarn
This time, (perhaps this is what has made the difference), I went to the store to choose yarn specifically for the scarf rather than just using what I had on hand.

The basic scarf is done .. and I’m still liking it. That’s a good sign.
Still more to do.
Crossing my fingers.

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Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)

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