Tools #1: Markers

What is it for?

I had been knitting without it for a very long time but when I’ve started to knit something more complicated than scarf in garter stitch, I found MARKERS very useful. Of course, piece of yarn or a paperclip may be enough to mark special places like beginning of row in circular knitting, start and end of reference, etc. Specially when you knit raglan, MARKERS really help, as you can see on the photo: green ones mark raglan increasing, bigger purple mark beginning of the row.

Recently I’ve bought a set of 2 colors, 3 sizes circle MARKERS from Knit Pro and I use them with a pleasure. Who can understand my love for the gadgets?

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Michal Bulla ...

Thanks for posting ;)

Debbie Pribele ...

I’ve never used markers .. but this really makes sense!!
The photo really helped me visualize the usefulness. Thank-you!

Manualnia ...

Debbie, I thought I can handle without and I knitted without, but when I started to use them – knitting begun more comfortable, really:)

klharper14 ...

Just as a spur of the moment, I have used safety pins. Quick and easy to place & remove.