Puffy Painted Pillow Case

I have a tradition that I do with one of my jobs. I coach a high school color guard team and we do secret sisters. It is pretty much like secret santa.

“Pillowcases are an important part of Color Guard tradition here at Gabrielino. Each and everyone of you are required to decorate a pillowcase as well as purchasing a small gift ranging from $15-$20 according to the things your buddy likes.”

We were all handed a piece of paper that asked for our favorite: color(s), animal and symbols, movie/tv shows, bands (music), and character (animated or real life). We also have to include our name just in case people don’t know how to spell our names. Lastly, we have to list our “ideal” present ranging from 15-20.

We are then supposed to purchase a standard pillowcase and decorate it with the things our buddy/sister likes. We also have to include GHS, color guard, and 2014 in some way, as well as their name.

This is the person I picked from the group. She loves: turtles, tigers, kangaroo, dolphins, winnie the pooh, tinker bell, tangled, aladdin, despicable me, captain america, green, blue, purple, teal, white… so this is what I created on a standard pillow case.



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Puffy Painted Pillow Case