Jewel of Desert Ice Plant Succulents

Pumpkin Spice Bloom Revealed! 😉

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🌵 Jewel Of Desert Ice Plant Succulent

A vase full of colors to create a cheerful home! Bring sunshine into your home with these vibrant colors. Creating these beautiful blooms is the perfect way to bring smiles among friends.
With this pattern, you will create the “Pumpkin Spice” bloom along with all the beautiful colors in the Jewel of Desert Collection:

🌵 Jewel of Desert Rosequartz
🌵 Jewel of Desert Moonstone
🌵 Jewel of Desert Amethyst
🌵 Jewel of Desert Topaz
🌵 Jewel of Desert Garnet

Also create the flower buds and follow a step by step vase arrangement.
Just a little fun fact about these beauties😊

🧊 The scientific name is derived from the Greek words “delos”, which means “visible” or “evident” and “sperma”, meaning “seed”, in reference to the exposed seeds.

🧊 The ice plant is a low-growing plant with stems that spread out, growing horizontally, giving it a resemblance of a carpet of flat flowers. The ice plant grows naturally in Australia, California, Arizona, and along the Mediterranean.

🧊 Delosperma is a genus of around 100 species of succulent plants, formerly included in Mesembryanthemum in the family Aizoaceae.

🧊 Delosperma is a succulent

🧊 It comes in many colors including red, purple, orange, pink, yellow and white.

🧊 The common name is said to come from the little hairs on its stems, which reflect light, glistening in the sun like ice.

🧊 Although these beauties look like daisies, they are not related.

Medicinal uses- The ice plant is used in sunscreens as it protects from UV rays, it promotes a healty cardiovascular system and also treat constipation.

Make it!

Yarns: aunt lydia's crochet thread size 10

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Jewel of Desert Ice Plant Succulents