T-Rex Blanket

Dinosaurs 🦖 are my son’s favorite animal and he asked me if I could make him a blanket with dinosaurs on it. I really could not find the graphs I was looking for, so I had to make my own, I made 4 graphs with 4 different dinosaurs for each graph. There’s T-Rex 🦖, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and brontosaurs. I going to make 4 big squares and put them all together to make the blanket, but for now I will start with T-Rex. You can find the instruction for this crochet project here "":https://www.pinkolaycrochet.com/2019/02/c2c-t-rex-blanket.html

Yarns: zz twis lion brand

Tags: dino dinosaur green dinosaur crochet c2c blanket

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Michal Bulla ...

This is cute ;)

Pinkolay Crochet ...