HMCS Sailor Hat

“Poppop” was in the navy, serving on the HMCS New Waterford. (Her Magesty’s Canadian Ship)
Now that I’m flyin’ with the hat-making, I thought it would be nice to make some sailor hats for the grandbabes. This is the first and hopefully will fit the youngest, who is 8 months old.

For future reference:
(NOTE: I did not record this as I made it … no guarantees re: accuracy)
Time to complete: approximately 4 hours (minus lunchtime)
Hook: 5mm

  • white: I don’t know what it is made of but it is rather stiff feeling which was perfect for the top of the hat, so it would hold the platter-look better (or that’s what I think, anyway)
  • black: a soft (25% wool) yarn, perfect for around the forehead


  • magic ring, with 12 dc total
  • 2 DC in each of the dc above
  • (2DC-1DC) repeat around
  • (2DC-1DC) repeat around
  • (2DC-1DC) repeat around
  • (2DC-1DC-1DC-1DC-1DC) repeat around (adapt as needed to keep it flat)
  • there should be somewhere around 100 stitches, depending on what happened in the last row
  • SC around the edge
  • (Decrease DC – 1 DC – 1 DC) around (approx. 75 stitches) << going into the back of the sc, leaving an edge around the edge of the hat
  • (Decrease DC – 1 DC – 1 DC) around (approx. 56 stitches << which is how many was on the dog hat)
  • SC into each of the stitches
  • finish off


  • SC into the front of the SC above (creating an inside band)
  • DC into each stitch
  • DC Into each stitch
  • finish off


  • create two chains of 50 stitches each
  • secure to hat on sides

(A ribbon wraps around the sailor’s hat and is tied with a pristine bow on the left side. The ship’s name is engraved on the black ribbon)

  • create a bow with a chain and attach to left side, above strap

Ship’s Name

  • using yellow (gold) yarn, stitch letters onto the front of of the black band

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Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)


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Martin Sojka ...

Wow Debbie, great job :) you’re really getting into it ha

mobilecrafts ...

that is so sweet

Debbie Pribele ...

Thanks Martin and mobilecrafts.

I have to unpack Rick’s navy hat and post a picture.

MandaPanda ...


Debbie Pribele ...

yup.. I think I have it mastered.

Debbie Pribele ...

I added another picture - Rick, the sailor, modelling the hat.
He demonstrated how the gunners used to wear their hats back in the day.. Pretty cool
Haven’t pulled out the original hat yet…

Debbie Pribele ...

and here is the real navy hat …

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HMCS Sailor Hat