Hat Attempt #1

I want to make a hat for my grandson … I searched for some patterns, … chose one, and gave it a try.

problem 1: it’s too big. Some how I made it larger than the pattern… scratching my head on that one
problem 2: I put the face too high on the front and when it is being worn (it fits me) you have to tilt your head down to see the face… but with me being just 5’ high, I guess that is perfect for everyone else to see haha .


“do over”.
Some time I might take the time to take the facial features back off the hat and use it plain as it is a nice hat for adults.

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Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)


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MandaPanda ...

Aunt Debbie, I would totally wear a hat with a face on it!!


Debbie Pribele ...

good to know!
with ears too?

mobilecrafts ...

it looks good though

Debbie Pribele ...

Attempt #2 is SO much better…. I had my grandson try it on, to check the size and it is perfect and he loves it … I asked him if he wants a face on it or just plain – he said “a face” so, another dog it is, then! :)
This one almost fit, as well .. just a little big but still looked cute on him. (Sorry about your luck MandaPanda — I think he is getting both of them)

MandaPanda ...


they are both adorable. well done…that might be one of my next projects…after I finish the list of other projects I have lined up!!

Debbie Pribele ...

it’s so easy … one night and you’ll have the whole thing done — you are faster than me

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Hat Attempt #1