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Editor's Choice - Aug 06, 2014

I don’t know if these class as a ‘creation’ but they are working wonders for me! I use them to put with my WIP’s, and also for if I get an order (and know what to do for it) That way I can easily see what hook I need for each project, and more for future reference (for those projects that get forgotten about!) what yarn is used.

I made them myself, and have also done some for Knitting. I’f you’d like some, I can send you the file and you’ll have them for all your projects!

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Happy Hooking x


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Debbie Pribele ...

a great idea
now what is a WIP? ohhhh work in progress, yes?
look at how quick I figured that out :D

Amie Jane ...

Yes that’s right :)

These have proven VERY popular on Facebook …even more so than I imagined! (It’s a good job I’m not busy at work!)

Amie Jane ...

Wasn’t sure where to share this … but someone shared this app to me -

for a Crochet Journal – It’s great – got everything you need on it to take notes for the project… yarn, pattern, hook size, photos!
I’ve only just downloaded it and love it! x

It is only available on iPads – I have asked if it will be coming to other devices and android in the future x

1kountrygirl ...

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing, these will definitely help me keep track of what I’m working on. I’m goin to add pattern & website to mine (: I need to get my new passion of crochet more organized…lol

Amie Jane ...

Yes, I think I should add pattern/website to mine… I usually write it in notes or on the back x

TC ...

I would so love some project tags. Life would be much easier. Thank you

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