Suitable colours?

Anyone around to give a helping hand?!

Unsure as to whether I should carry on with these colours to make another bag. I love the colours, but now I’m not so sure now that they’re together. What are your opinions?

Thanks guys x

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Happy Hooking x


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Debbie Pribele ...

you are making something like this one?

Debbie Pribele ...

looks nice to me…. but I’m not the best advisor when it comes to colour matching

Amie Jane ...

Yes, was going to be for another bag..not so sure now though! I like how you’ve put the pics together, doesn’t look too bad there. But a lot of peoople on FB have said no… So going to look at my stash of Smoothie and have a re-think.

The cream that I used for the edging of the light blue blanket matches, but I thought that may be too light for a bag? x

Debbie Pribele ...

I do like the darker colour in the middle, joined by the lighter colour

Sam Remesz ...

I think yes, maybe with a darker brown accent too…

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Suitable colours?