Sunshine Coffee Cozy

So, I’ve never been very good at following recipes or instructions…but this is my sunshine creation!

This represents 3 firsts for me.
1. "Working in the round’
2. Following a pattern (I mostly followed it)
3. Using a “magic ring”

it was fun, and I’m happy enough with the result (which is high self praise for me )

hope you like it!

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My advice: Believe in yourself, believe in someone else, let someone believe in you.


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Debbie Pribele ...

congrats on your “firsts”
no idea what a magic ring is.

so are you making 2? “His and hers”?

Debbie Pribele ...

An “outside the box” entry — laying flat it could be a coaster!

Well done, Challenge Hero!

Debbie Pribele ...

that would make a nice headband too.. if it was larger, of course.

Debbie Pribele ...

this sure is pretty!!

MandaPanda ...

thank you it wasn’t too bad..

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Sunshine Coffee Cozy