Dish Cloths & Towel Set or Coasters

These are some dish cloths I worked up in an unusual way. The center is cotton for washing the dishes, but the outside is acrylic, I used this to give some scratch and aid in scrubbing. I made a bunch of these in all different colors and bundled them together with a crocheted towel I also put them together in packs of 4 with a little cream colored ceramic bowl I got at a yard sale and added some cinnamon candies, these are a coaster set. I love to do creative little things for displaying at my craft shows!

Pattern: Bag-o-Day Crochet & More

Yarns: sugar n creme

Stitches: chain stitch dc – double crochet picot

Tags: coasters dishcloth towel towel and dishcloth set kitchen bath purple yellow pink green white



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Dish Cloths & Towel Set or Coasters