Crocheted African Flower Throw

Editor's Choice - Jan 24, 2017

Saw a photo of this pattern on Pinterest. When looking for the pattern, there was none. Felt challenged. Looked at the photo and figured how to crochet it. Turned out gorgeous!

Stitches: double crochet treble crochet

Shirley (sal220)


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Debbie Pribele ...

wow… fantastic job!!!
So …. are you going to share your pattern design with us??? :D :D :D

Mary Pauline M ...

This is so pretty! The colors are perfect together.

Shirley ...

Debbie, i can share the picture I followed. I figured out how to crochet the last (white) row by trial and error.
Providing the website on the hyperlink below:

Hope this helps.

Debbie Pribele ...


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Crocheted African Flower Throw