Pokemon WIP: 34 pokemon done

Here we are again!! ^-^I really enjoy working on this piece and it’s going really well :D I’ve reached row 112, and another few pokemon finished.

Muna’s done, Venonat’s antlers/feelers are finally finished, as well as Bidoof, newcomer Pidove, Cranidos, Shinx and Kriketot (left to right)

Shieldon is well on its way to being finished; we’ve reached patrat’s eyes (who had hardly showed up before LOL) Shellos was very difficult, it’s mounth wasn’t good on the pattern so I had to change three or four rows to get him smiling properly ;D Difficult, but worth it. Pansage is also a newcomer, and we have lots of Grimer and Seel happening, which I’m thrilled about XD

We also have some new arrivals: The yellow blotch behind Patrat’s tail is Blaziken, who will take time to make his proper arrival, but at least we already have a piece of him. Then Chingling, Drifloon, Farfetch’d and a little speck of Bellosom behind Seel’s tail.

Number of pokemon finished: 34!! Woo!



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Flawless Crochet Flowers ...


Joyce ...

Thanks :D

Debbie Pribele ...

yah, this is CRAZY wow!!!

Sherily Toledo's Talents ...

Wow!!! That is amazing!!! That is some wild WIP. Can’t wait to see the finished result. Great job. You must have lots of patience to continue with a project like that.

Charlotte Huffman ...

I thought I was crazy but you’ve got me beat! This is remarkable!

Joyce ...

thank you all so much!! - It’s so much fun to work on, I’m sure i’ll keep up the patience ;D

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Pokemon WIP: 34 pokemon done