Crocodile stitch tote bag

Using polyester yarn and a size 7,5 mm hook, this crocodile stitch tote was my second one. Love the stitches. I was going to use multiple 6 of ch but I decided to use 8 ch instead.

Yarns: polyester

Stitches: single crochet stitch double crochet stitch crocheting in the round

Tags: tote bag crocodile stitch

Crochet Cantik Kediri


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vikthehook ...

Your bags are all fantastic!!! I was wondering about your handles. Do you make them yourself, take them off an old/unwanted other bag or can you buy just handles? Do you design the bag to go with the handles or do you make the bag first and hunt around for handles at the end? :0)

Farida Cahyaning Ati ...

Hai Vikthehook, thank you. I bought the handles, yes just the handles. I made the bag first and then I hunted for the handles. Well, actually I was just too lazy to crochet the handles part hahaha…I was soo grateful when I found them. Just sewed them on the bag and voila.

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Crocodile stitch tote bag