Harry Potter Blanket Sepia Backside

Editor's Choice - Jun 17, 2016

It’s finally finished!! Woo!! I can’t believe it!! This is the first project I’ve ever started and now I’ve finally completed the backside as well!! LOL!! The front is made in black and white and can be found on my project page -
After almost three years (including loads of other projects, so it sounds a lot more bad than it is) It’s finally complete!!!
Total number of stitches, including the front: 159 984 stitches!! :)

Status: overjoyed!!

Stitches: sc

Tags: harry potter harrypotter blanket afghan crochetblanket crochet single crochet dolores umbridge filch draco malfoy lucius malfoy narcissa malfoy dolores draco lucius narcissa voldemort tom riddle bellatrix bellatrix lestrange death eater deatheater kreacher house elf



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MandaPanda ...

this is amazing. if someone gave me this, i would die on the spot, and it would be totally worth owning that for half a second.

Debbie Pribele ...

that is crazy!!!!!!

CherylJackson ...

amazing. i dont think i would be able to do that. well done it fantastic.

Mary Pauline M ...

I just began learning the Crochet By Numbers technique this past Wednesday. Loved seeing your finished project!

CharleeBelle's ...

That is amazing!! I love it, Joyce!

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Harry Potter Blanket Sepia Backside