Spring tunic

Editor's Choice - May 18, 2016

Put this together with one of the hexagon patterns we did. (Obviously I made more of them than called for and had to figure out how to do a half hex of this same pattern). I made it with baby yarn. Wore it last night over a tank top and loved it. Very comfortable. Hope you like it.

Yarns: baby

Stitches: slst sc dc picot hdc

Tags: clothing crochet tunic hexagons



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flamingfountain1 ...

Thank you so much.

Fairmaiden ...

I love this! Is there a pattern available?

meanjaws ...

Wow !!!!!! the ladies groups and I love this

flamingfountain1 ...

Fairmaiden, I just put together some hexagons (22 and 4 1/2 hexagons to be exact) and joined them together. Here is the diagram for placement. You can join them however you choose. You must crochet around the neck to pull it in some (otherwise it is much too large an opening) and I also made a row around the armholes. I hope this helps.

Thank you all for the kind comments.

crokaren ...

I just love this, could you possibly post a picture of you wearing it.

Fairmaiden ...

Thank you for taking the time to make and post the diagram!! I’d like to try to make one ;)

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Spring tunic