Cheeky owl beanie

My favorite and last upload for today (i promise) lol.

This is my then 2yr old son Dyllan modelling the owl beanie i made him for winter. He loved it. He will be 4 in October, It still fits and its his favorite hat. On occasion he even takes it to bed for a cwtch (welsh for cuddle/hug) One of my makes that are precious to me because my baby loves it so much. The little dude in the background with the cute smile is Alex :)

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Debbie Pribele ...

ok .. let’s see
1. awwww the hat is adorable
2. awwww the model and smile is adorable
3. awww the background model is also adorable
4. awwww that the hat is also a cwtch :)

Emma Stone ...

Yep win win. Both boys are red heads and I love how Dyllans hair can be seen throigh the stitches. Thank you x

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Cheeky owl beanie