Rainbow Birthday Cake Slice

I finally figured out a cake slice pattern I don’t hate! Haha! I hope you all like it! You can see more fun creations at www.charleeannsmarket.etsy.com ! Please visit!
#CharleeAnnDesigns #CharleeAnnsMarket

Yarns: red heart super saver

Stitches: sc dc sl st sc dec sc inc ch

Tags: crochet food rainbow kawaii charleeann charleeanndesigns charleeannsmarket crochet cake decorations toys kids

Check out my store: Charlee Belle's at www.charleeabelles.etsy.com


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CharleeBelle's ...

Thanks, I get really busy with my Etsy shop and then all of the sudden I’m like, “I really need to post something on Crochet Community! It’s been forever!”

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Rainbow Birthday Cake Slice