Big Circle Afghan

In order to get a random color pattern, I put the labels of each color in a bag and drew them out.

Yarns: red heart with love

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Vorlicek ...

Thank you!

Marlene ...

beautiful coloring

Gail ...

Beautiful. I never even thought of putting labels in a bag. Terrific. Dah!!!! hehehe
How do I get the pattern for this afghan?

Vorlicek ...

Thanks Marlene and Gail. This was fun to make.

This is the pattern I followed for the “Big Circle” –

For the afghan, I did 3 rows around the circle (joining on the 3rd row). For the border, I did 6 rows round the entire afghan. In-between the white rows, I again “drew” the color and did a half-double in the “chain” space of the white and then 3 chains. I used a different color on every side. For the very last row/border, I used one color (a variegated blue), and single stitched all the way around.

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Big Circle Afghan