Mom's Victorian Hat

I think my mom really liked her birthday present. The pattern suggested feathers for embellishment but since my mom is scared of chickens . . . and pretty much all birds and feathers, I used tulle.

Used 2 strands together of Lion Brand Heartland for the hat and band to give it a little more substance.

The hat sits a little low on the head. I would remove 1-2 rows from the hat length (rows 8-16).

I used a single strand of the Buttercream Angel Hair yarn for the brim and the edging. I might use two strands next time to give the brim a little more substance to hold its shape.

The directions for the brim are a little confusing. You will NOT be working in the round and will not be connecting the end of each from back to the beginning. A picture in the pattern would help with this confusion. I have added a picture of the brim after it’s done for clarification.

I believe Row 24-28 should read “hdc in space between ch2 and last (not 1st) hdc of previous row.”

If I make this again I will probably work in the round instead of joining at the end of each row and sc up to start the next row so I won’t have a visible diagonal seam.

I used double strands of Caron Simply soft for the roses. For accent I used a gold tulle.

Pattern by: Melissa R. M. Frank

Yarns: lion brand heartland buttercream angel hair

Tags: crochet hat victorian roses rose flower brim vintage mother



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Alana Judah ...

Thank you!

Diana Nickell ...

Love this! Very nice! :)

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Mom's Victorian Hat