Simpsons Crossover

Editor's Choice - Feb 25, 2016

FINISHED!!! Wooo!! Can’t believe I pulled this off XD I just…. :)
It’s a Simpsons crossover with South Park, Spongebob Squarepants and Danny Phantom
I’m very happy with the colours and with the definition of the characters :D I made the pattern from a drawing I did.
Now on to make a backside and a little border :P
Measurements: 105 m – 180 m = more or less a single bed
Width: 396 stitches
Height: 290 rows
Total number of stitches : 114 840

Insert happy dance -

Stitches: sc sc – single crochet

Tags: simpsons crossover blanket southpark dannyphantom dannyfenton spongebob squarepants crochet crochetblanket



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Debbie Pribele ...

oh my goodness!!!

insert amazing dance

Debbie Pribele ...

and how long did this take you?

Alana Judah ...


Charlotte Huffman ...

Remarkable! This would have drove me crazy!

Joyce ...

Thank you all so much :D I started this project in the beginnin of July last year, so around seven months :P But I juggled other projects as well, so I think I kept a nice pace -

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Simpsons Crossover