Fireside Cheer - Variation

After making a pair of sandals for my grand-daughter I got the itch to do some more crocheting but couldn’t remember where I had put all my extra yarn… so I went digging.

I found my yarn but I also found a blanket that I had started, apparently, many years ago (probably about 15 years), before I met Rick. Anyway….

I, fortunately, also found the pattern and am in the process of trying to find the rhythm. It has me scratching my head and so I pulled out my original version to see if I was on the right track (the back just wasn’t looking right to me)….. comparing, I am on the right track and am moving forward!

This is one of my first afghans that I made …
the pattern was for red and blue on white. I chose to go with the green and purple, a softer look.

Pattern is from Leusire Arts’ “Afghans For All Seasons”.

Tags: afghan blanket

Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)


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mobilecrafts ...


Debbie Pribele ...

thanks :)
me too ..

MandaPanda ...

so pretty

Debbie Pribele ...

yah.. definitely my favourite afghan pattern.
I’ve made a few of these, I think …

Nickey45 ...

Very pretty

Debbie Pribele ...


BarbS ...

I missed this one months ago! How beautiful. Your color choice is subtle and stately. Love this one.

Debbie Pribele ...

thanks Barb… I do love it.
I use this one every day!

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Fireside Cheer - Variation