Summer Sandals

Editor's Choice - Jun 30, 2015

Just a new variation of my flip flops.

Yarns: nylon cord

Stitches: picot

Tags: flip flops


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Debbie Pribele ...

I really like these … love the colours as well as the design

trucat ...

I just joined, do people share patterns on this site?

anne1993 ...

Trucat was wondering that myself….

Debbie Pribele ...

sometimes they do …

crokaren ...

I made this design up but it’s very simple, just sc around the tongs of the flip flop and than do a picot stitch back and forth. Any kind of yarn can be used. I’m not sure if I can say this but I sell them on the other site. Hope this helps.

LeonMelodear ...

I love these. Would you consider a video tutorial. I am not sure how to make these based on description above, but would love to learn. They are beautiful and the first pair I have seen that I really like. Is there another site with instructions?

Onecreativemynd ...

I actually made a simiular pattern for these and It will be published in a couple of days. Great minds think alot.

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Summer Sandals