Little Bits

This creation isn’t mine — it is my aunt’s. She is 86 and very wise.

When she was left with a tidbit of yarn, she tied it onto her last tidbit of yarn and so on, and so on. .. no trying to hide knots but, instead, utilizing them as a “tied afghan”. Brilliant.

This could be a “crochet-as-you-go” item, crocheting each little bit as you get it, or tie the pieces together, creating an ever-growing ball of yarn to be utilized later.

Love the idea. No more tossing away of those 18" pieces of scraps.

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Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)


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meanjaws ...

Very nice way to use scraps

Michal Bulla ...

Great job Debbie ;)

MandaPanda ...

I have a ball of yarn that I just keep tying my leftovers to….eventually i will have a giant ball of yarn and some really cute accessories.

Debbie Pribele ...


SandyG ...

Nice idea… I hate throwing those bits away…lol… and I have a “few”.

Debbie Pribele ...

lol well, now, we’ll have “none” because they will all be part of a “Little Bits” creation.

ecoutureMN ...

Debbie, I love it! Weaving in all the ends is a PITA, imo, anyway, and it gives the piece texture. Well done!
MandaPanda, great idea! I have been keeping mine in a sawed off beer box (big enough to hold three skeins of SuperSaver snugly and small enough to stack).
My really ‘odd’ yarns – the chunkys, extra fuzzys, metallics and nubbly textured – have been getting incorporated into a BOHO scarf, which ‘may’ be ready to wear this next winter…

Esteesue ...

This a great idea! Sorry I never thought of it. Thank you to your Aunt. 😃

Jul ...

Great idea! I like the crochet as you go idea! I never know what to do with those small scaps of yarn! I will be starting a blanket or pillow soon. Thank you for sharing :)

Debbie Pribele ...

storing to use later is good but to crochet the pieces as you go is brilliant.
Now, to just get back to crocheting so I can collect some “little bits” :)

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Little Bits