I Heart My Dress

Editor's Choice - Jun 08, 2015

I downloaded this pattern a while ago, basically as soon as I started crocheting. Once I started the dress, I became very discouraged, because I couldn’t understand the pattern….maybe because I was new to the game. Anyway, I saw it again the other day and I had to make it. I know that you can’t tell much about the beret, I just don’t have anyone to model it for me. But this is what it all came out like. The sleeves look strange laying flat like this, they are puffed at the ends, and the hearts on the dress are little pockets! I love hearts!

Yarns: caron simply soft light

Tags: baby dress grey dress hearts dress


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thesarge01 ...

I have tried this pattern 6 times and I’m not understanding row 3, when I think I’ve got it it’s still wrong, the opening in the back comes out wrong, it’s not centered, it goes off to one side can you help me please :) thank you

Jenni0605 ...

I am not real sure that I can help you. I didn’t do anything special, just followed the pattern. Mine pulled a little, but once I put the buttons it was good to go. Sorry, I know that probably isn’t much help.

Weezy ...

I love this !!!! It’s perfect ! My granddaughter would look so sweet in it! Where did you get this pattern?

Weezy ...

Awww and a hat !

Jenni0605 ...

This is on yarnspirations.com. Just do a search for I Heart My Dress. You will be able to find it!!!

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I Heart My Dress