Zombie Kitty

Editor's Choice - Apr 17, 2015

Inspired by Hello Kitty and Zombies.
My 1st pattern :)

This is a Zombie Kitty. I created this pattern for a special someone who loves Zombies and Hello Kitty. This is a great amigurumi for Zombie fans. You can get creative and add stitches where ever you would like them. You can switch arms and bow placements.
Finished size 8 ½ inches
Skill level: intermediate (single crochet, double crochet, increase, decrease, popcorn stitch)

Pattern can be found: https://www.etsy.com/listing/174552926/pattern-zombie-kitty-amigurumi-crochet?ref=shop_home_feat_1

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Yarns: red heart super saver

Stitches: single crochet stitch double crochet stitch popcorn stitch

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Michal Bulla ...

Haha, so cool ;)

Sherily Toledo's Talents ...

Thank you Michal :)
Thank you Crochet Community for choosing my Zombie Kitty as the Editor’s Choice. I am so happy and proud.

A Moore Eh ...

LOVE IT! hahahaha, that is so awesome!

Sherily Toledo's Talents ...

Thank you Hamichellemooreha :)

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Zombie Kitty