Winston the Aardvark

This little guy was made form a pattern I found in the book, “Edwards Menagerie” wrote by Kerry Lord. Love the book! The author is from the UK, they refer to the single crochet as double crochet, but other than that the photographic illustrations are clear. Patterns are easy to follow! GREAT collection. Currently working on a pony. More aardvark’s to come as he is just so cute! (His photo does not do him justice)

Yarns: heartland

Stitches: single crochet stitch

Tags: stuffie toy stuffed animal



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hookinittogether ...

would you be willing to share your pattern?

hookinittogether ...

Thank you for the links, the only reason I asked about sharing is because I tried 2 seperate times to purchase the pattern from ravelry and my payment wouldn’t go through, then I got a call from my financial institution stating they flagged the transaction as fradulent.

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Winston the Aardvark