Editor's Choice - Jan 29, 2015

I made one of each of these for my nine grandchildren. They’re two-sided and stuffed lightly with poly-fill, for doorknobs to their rooms, or whatever. Fun to do. The pattern source is from" Anabelia Craft Design, on":

Yarns: red heart

Stitches: single double half double triple

Tags: holiday home decor valentines day hearts


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BarbS ...

I don’t know why my links never work here! Do a google search of Anabelia Craft Design and her patterns links will come up easily. Sorry.

Debbie Pribele ...

they are beautiful… keepsakes!

I fixed your link.

Highlight the word(s) that you want to use as your link,

click on the link button (notice that the “http” appears)

and paste the link address. (ignore the http showing above) and just hit “paste” and it will replace the http above)

and… carry on.
(Oh and click preview to make sure you don’t have a double “http”)

hope that helps.

BarbS ...

I was getting doubled http. Thanks, I’ll try again soon, though that’s pretty confusing, too. I’ll figure it out. Thank you!

Maria Delgado-Pontani ...

Too cute!!

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