Case Hook Finished

Pocket behind hooks for more storage.

Terri S


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Carla Rioux ...

I love this. Do you mind sharing the pattern? 🌈

Terri ...

Carla I don’t have a pattern. I watched different videos on YouTube and winged it from that point. I would measure the height of your longest hook and do your height from that. Your width is basically up to you. Outside was done with a DC, and second layer is SC. Second layer allows for the pocket. The hook pockets as many as you need. Video tutorial on Youtube named: (Aluminum Crochet Hook Case help on rows 2-3). The actual hook holder is the third layer stitched to the second inner layer allowing for the pocket. The scissor holder is on the second layer. I will be making another one for my sister and I will write down pattern and try to video.

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Case Hook Finished