Brady the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Brady the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is soft, friendly and looking for a home! Based on my boyfriend’s mom’s dog, he loves snack time, sleeping and following his owner from room to room. He also likes hiking, but he’s not particularly good at it.

After I finished crocheting the dog, I added strands of yarn that hang from his belly and tail. Then I brushed the whole figure with a dog slicker to get that real-fur look! More info (including where to buy my pattern):

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- Allie


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Shannon ...

Very cute, love him

Debbie Pribele ...

it looks real!

Michal Bulla ...

Charlotte Huffman ...

Do you sell your “dogs”? I have a great-niece who loves dogs!

Allie ...

Hi Charlotte,

For the most part, I only sell my patterns. I don’t generally sell finished items (they take a long time to make, so by the time I pay myself a reasonable wage, they usually end up costing $70+, which is way more than most people would pay), but if you think that price is reasonable, I’m happy to make one for her!

BarbS ...

That’s darling!

La Calabaza de Jack ...

I love it

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Brady the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel