Sister beanies

My 30 year old daughter-in-law has just been diagnosed with breast cancer – 3 weeks before Christmas. She is about to undergo her second lot of surgery next week, and will then commence chemo and radiation. As if that’s not bad enough, BOTH of her sisters (32 and 28) have also been diagnosed with cancer. Breast and bowel. All three of them are mounting epic battles against this insidious disease, together. As a sign of solidarity, I made them matching beanies. The eldest is already wearing hers as her hair has already begun to fall out.

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Lisa Crispin ...

Please excuse the dirty sheet! It’s not actually dirty – it’s what I put on my dining room table to protect it when I work. That’s actually ink from stamping…..

KazKraftz ...

Oh dear what a big battle for them all :( I know how hard it is to watch someone u love going thru cancer, one of my good friends is going thru chemo for what started out as cervical cancer is now on her lungs and incurable she will die in the new yr she knows this, but she has elected for chemo again as it will help her to breathe a little easier and hopefully give her another 2 weeks she overall has about 3-6mths left she is the very reason my sis and i started the My Journey Cancer Fundraiser and it is this i make crochet for and sell it to make donations. What u have done for them is wonderful idea and im sure greatly appreciated. Blessed Be to you my friend. I wish the 3 sisters all the best with their treatments and battles and i will keep them in my prayers

Carla Rioux ...

I’m so sorry to hear about your family. I pray God holds them close as they battle to the other side of a cancer diagnosis. I love the beanies. I’m sure they do too. Do you happen to have the pattern, or know where I can find it?

BarbS ...

Sad story, but those should sure cheer her up! Nicely done, and full of love for her.

Lisa Crispin ...

For those who want the pattern…

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Sister beanies