Red Heart Reflective Yarn Crochet Hat...

I purchased the new Red Heart Reflective Yarn to make a hat for my daughter. I asked her if she wanted it to be knit or crocheted, simple or with a design, and she chose a simple, double crochet beanie-style hat. I made it for her last night, and she loves it! I had to use a G or 4.00 mm hook for this to make the right gauge, as I usually use an I or 5.50 mm hook to make all my other crochet beanie-style hats.

I took a photo of it with a black background and used my flash so that you can see how it glows with the light. This is part of what I used my $100 winnings for from the giveaway. Thank you to the Crochet Community for the prize! By the way, that yarn is $6.97 a skein at Walmart, and it takes a whole skein to make a hat for my daughter who is 12 years old. So glad I was able to make it for her! :) The yarn is very thick, and she says most hats bother her forehead, but she loves this one because it doesn’t bother her and she said it is super warm!

Original design and crochet by Heather Macias of Sugar Hiccups Boutique.

Yarns: red heart reflective

Stitches: chain stitch dc – double crochet

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Heather Macias - Sugar Hiccups Boutique


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Michal Bulla ...

Now you can be sure your daughter is visible well on the road! Well done!

Heather Macias ...

Yes, Michal, we were thinking it would be great for when we take evening walks. I love it! I also Used the contest money to purchase two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver in “Real Teal” to make her another hat and boot cuffs; a Red Heart Super Saver Jumbo yarn in black to make the hat and boot cuffs for myself; and two skeins of Caron Simply Soft “Party” in black to make myself a scarf. The scarf pattern is on the sleeve of the yarn for that one. I don’t normally purchase much acrylic yarn, as I prefer cotton, bamboo, and other natural fibers, but these were a pretty great deal, and accessible immediately to me, no waiting for online shipping! I am excited to finish the sweater for my son, so I can start on these other things! I have a list of 14 items right now, so I need to get to work… lol :)

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Red Heart Reflective Yarn Crochet Hat...