Zig Zag Cheveron Halter, Hat, and Wrist Purse

Original Design by Heather Macias of Sugar Hiccups Boutique, circa 2006. I gave had some requests for the pattern, so I have put it on my agenda for 2015 to write the pattern for these.

Tags: crochet crochet halter zigzag chevron navy blue hot pink pink blue girl girls girls clothing child children children's clothing crochet hat wrist purse crochet wrist purse hat hats and beanies

Heather Macias - Sugar Hiccups Boutique


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Roycat ...

I love this hat!!! Where did u find the pattern?

Heather Macias ...

Hi Roycat!
There is currently no pattern for it. I made it to fit my daughter, and now I could kick myself for not writing down the instructions back then! I made the set back in 2006 I think. I have it on my agenda to try and write a pattern for each piece this coming year. When they are written, I will post the link to the patterns. ;)

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Zig Zag Cheveron Halter, Hat, and Wrist Purse