Colourful cap

The cap ideal not only for spring/summer but also for Indian summer. Material used: acrylic yarn.

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Debbie Pribele ...

I love the colours!!! AND the design!
Want one — for myself

Petra ...

Well, if you want I can upload the pattern here and then you can start creating one for yourself, hmmm?! I´m going to crochet similar for myself but I still don´t know when it will happen :-) I´m too busy crocheting for my children and the children of my friends that then there remains no time for my cap.

cjsway ...

Yes…please put the pattern on here.

evepudding ...

Love the colours very bright for summer or nice and cheerful for winter x

BarbS ...

Very sweet. I like that the flowers are crocheted down flat, not attached and floppy. Pretty!

Petra ...

I´m glad that you like my cap :-) And here is the pattern (it´s the one on the top):

Petra ...

But I used 7 double crochets instead of 5 ones.

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Colourful cap