a sparkly cardiganfora 7-8 yrs

Little girl asked for a white cardigan with lotsof sparkle was my breif had to stop myself getting to carried away with this one.


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alie ...

hi could you please tell me if this is a free pattern if it is all free then can you tell me how to print it out I am new at this thank you

Michal Bulla ...

Very nice ;)

evepudding ...

No it was a pattern on pin interest for the diamond and put it into my notes then printed off and counted stitch pattern and seen if it fitted into the number of stiches forthat age group hope this helps x

Debbie Pribele ...

nice pattern!!
and love the sparkles … I’m guessing the little girl was very pleased

evepudding ...

Yep she sure is , shes hadcardigansdone with bows and one withroses done for school she loves her cardigans accessorized x

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a sparkly cardiganfora 7-8 yrs