Crochet Puppy Hat and Diaper Cover

I cannot remember where I got the patterns from, but when I do I will give full credit.

Crocheted by Heather Macias of Sugar Hiccups Boutique

Yarns: lily's sugar n cream

Stitches: sl st – slip stitch sc – single crochet dc – double crochet

Tags: crochet crochet hat crochet diaper cover dog puppy diaper cover hat baby babies puppies child children kids

Heather Macias - Sugar Hiccups Boutique


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maggie craig ...

Would love the pattern my sister is due a baby in January she would love this

Heather Macias ...

I will have to look through my patterns to see what I used, because a lot of times I improvise from a photo, or only use a part of a pattern.

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Crochet Puppy Hat and Diaper Cover