Christmas Gnome

This was a fun … and very frustrating … project.

The beard is made with crochet LOOPS .. that was the easy part.
The legs. well that is another story. I tried 4 different strategies but ended up with a long tube.
Because i didn’t have the black yarn handy, I started at the top of the legs and worked my way down to the feet .. then I had the challenge of creating a “foot” shape…. argh.. oh and I did mention that I ran out of red yarn about half way down the second leg? It was one frustration after another.

I saw one similar online but the instructions were in Russian. The translation provided by google wasn’t too helpful as I couldn’t figure out what “6 tablespoons” meant in crochet terms.
So I worked it out on my own, creating my own version.

The Main Body/Head:
magic ring; 8 dc
2 dc in each stitch (around)
2 dc; 1 dc; 2dc (around)
sc around
NOTE: next time I would do the dc stitches in red, to match the first ring of red in the legs. It would look better.

How I held the yarn (sorry, right-handers – I’m a lefty)

[yarn labels: yarn for the “yarn over” and the two parts of the loop, (front & back labelled for tutorial purpose only)]

To make the loop, I put my hook through the next stitch (a sc from row below) and put it IN FRONT of the front loop and BEHIND the back loop and pulled it through the sc, putting two strands on the hook.

Next, I did a yarn over (hooking onto the yarn by my baby finger) and pulled it back through all the strands on the hook, finishing the stitch.

I did 4 rows of these elongated loops .
Stuff the body/head.
change to red yarn
sc around
with each row after this, decrease stitches gradually, to create the peaked hat. I did the decreases randomly so I don’t have a pattern for you.
Stuff the hat as you go, as it will get harder to put the stuffing into the smaller hole at the top.
Finish off.

Magic ring with 5 sc
decrease around, creating a small ball.
Sew onto face.

Start with the boots (I didn’t and so wish that I had)
(Note I didn’t do this, so I am guessing at the shoe base)
magic ring: 12 dc
sc around
dc, decreasing around to leave 8 stitches.
change to white
dc around
change to red
dc around
repeat pattern for the desired length of legs
attach to underside of the body/head.

I had thought about putting some kind of weight in the bottom (bag of rice, perhaps) but it seems to sit well without it.

And here is the one that I saw online:—simvol_2013_goda/
It is a lot cuter than the one I created so if you can figure out (or read the Russian) instructions then lucky you!!!
I love it.

Yarns: bernat super value

Stitches: single crochet stitch double crochet stitch loop stitch

Tags: christmas christmas decoration gnome pattern holiday home decor santa

Debbie (life & crocheting have a lot in common: it's all about one stitch at a time.)


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Michal Bulla ...

Perfect Debbie, thanks for sharing!

mobilecrafts ...

loving this

Debbie Pribele ...


Debbie Pribele ...

I made another one of these and followed the pattern as written.
For the base, next time, I will use red for the magic ring and the 2dc in each stitch — and then change to white. Having the red show from the base takes away from the beard, I think.. but maybe it would be ok “as is” if there was more beard (I did try doing just three rows of beard and it isn’t as nice).
Working upwards from the black boot was SO MUCH easier than the first way.

Debbie Pribele ...

Third Gnome

  • With this one, I added the nose as I went, using a cluster stitch. U fortunately the yarn was too fine and it is barely visible.
  • I also started the hat (which goes right over top of the nose..looks good) with two sc in each stitch, to give it a brim. The. On the next row I sc into the posts of the last row of white, not the red row below. That worked well.
  • For the legs, I tried doing a spiral. I don’t know how you are supposed to do this but my strategy worked. I started with sc of red, extended sc, Hdc, and then dc. …leaving the last stitch of the round to start the white InThe same way. I dropped the red, started the white…Then when I got around to the end of the red, I dropped the white and carried on with the red. I continued this for the entire leg.
  • For the legs I used extended dc instead of dc. I prefer the dc as it is softer and more flexible.
    Lots of things to try for the next one.

Susanbeingsnippy ...

Im gonna have to come back to this and read it more closely — looks like a fun project, even if it started out frustrating. I surely would wonder what 6 tablespoons had to do with crochet too! I’ll be back to check out what your changes might be — I am lazy so I will let you do the figuring! hahaha!

Debbie Pribele ...

haha that’s funny Susan!!
I want to make another one .. might be more changes! One never knows.

Debbie Pribele ...

longer hat is cuter
flatter bottom is better for adding the legs
definitely 4 rows of beard
make the nose noticeable.
I like the hat going “over the nose” ( “n” )rather than straight across.

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