SYLVIA The Princess Girl

Meet SYLVIA. Pretty little Princess Girl. She is looking for a great home with someone to play with. She loves having Tea parties.
*She is 14 1/2 inches long.
Isn’t she just so pretty? She is waiting to be loved and cuddled. She will bring much joy and happiness to any home. She is wearing a beautiful Princess dress. Sylvia comes with removable hair bows so you can put any kind of bows in her hair that you would like. There are beads sewn into the shoes.
*She has safety eyes.
She’ll make a great gift for child, teen or adult.

Colors: Dark Pink & Spring Green Dress and Shoes. Dark Pink and White Polka Dot Hair Ribbon.
Pictures do not portray the vibrancy of the colors. Sometimes the picture colors may be off depending on the colors and flash etc.

All of my Amigurumi’s come with a personalized “Certificate of Creation” Card.
Just like a Birth Certificate.
It provides your Amigurumi’s Name, Birthdate, Height, it’s Amigurumi Authentication number and my signature. It also includes a mini photo of your Amigurumi.

I must provide credit to the Pattern Creator: Mari-Liis Lille
You can find her Etsy shop =
She has fabulous patterns and has been an inspiration.

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Yarns: red heart super saver caron

Stitches: single crochet stitch double crochet stitch

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Sherily Toledo's Talents


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Michal Bulla ...

Beautiful ;)

Sherily Toledo's Talents ...

Thank you Michal Bulla. :) 1 of my Latina dolls, or at least she can pass for a Latina.

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SYLVIA The Princess Girl