I live in a rural area in Virginia and am a disabled Veteran. My GRAMS taught me to crochet to "keep me off the streets and out of trouble", when my family moved from one small town in Maryland to a horse Farm out in Western Maryland. I am one of six children but the only girl. I was next to the oldest so I always had little brothers hanging around me. There weren't really any streets for me to get into trouble as our lane was two miles long. But I laughed when she was trying to teach me as I was left handed and she was right handed. I also had trouble with keeping still as I was very hyper. It wound up that I had to sit across the table from her (because I was also dyslexic) and watch her crochet and then I would follow her. For many years all I made was blankets. It wasn't until my step-daughter found out that she was pregnant with twins that I went to Maryland to learn how to make sweaters and baby things. I still to this day THANK Grams for her taking the time to teach me to crochet. It has been a blessing in my life and I use it to make things for the Veterans at my local VA hospital.


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