My Wish/To Do List

Part 1: Throw Blankets

I’m currently working on a blanket that I had started a decade ago and just recently found .. when I am done this, I want to make a blanket (something small for laps, I think) for each of my grandchildren… (2 girls and 1 boy). Some options...

Part 2: Clothing

I just saw this bolero …. looks relatively easy to do and isn’t it pretty.

Part 3: Children's Hats

Finding a dress/skirt for my granddaughter was easy — something for my grandson, not so much! But my daughter suggested a hat …. so I’m on the search for a cute, relatively-easy, crocheted hat for a 3-yr-old munchkin. Let’s see what I find!

Part 4: Slippers

Apparently, I now want to try my hand at making slippers - I received 3 emails this morning with links to slipper patterns! The links were primarily for paid patterns and I prefer to check out the free versions first. So, off I go to find...

Part 5: The List, 2017

I was doing a LIVE CHAT today, at our Facebook group and I was talking about my ever-growing “list”. The list is so ever-growing and never-ending and I will never get through all my “want to’s”. Even my list for this year tends to seem...