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I first started to crochet when I was 10. All I was shown was Treble Crochet (US Dc) in a continuous Granny Square.
From there I taught myself to start the Granny Square, and that was all I did for a few years.
My interest grew when I was 16, and I went on to teach myself different stitches, with the help of my nans magazine subscription to The Art of Crochet. I loved the different styles and textures you can achieve with the different stitches.

I then came across Amigurumi, and loved it! At first, I couldn't even manage a simple ball shape! But with some perseverance I mastered it! I was really chuffed that I had managed to make a small stuffed ball, it even had a few colour changes in it! From there I started on some more complex shapes - a Rabbit. I was surprised at how quickly I managed to do it, and how well it turned out! My family loved it, which meant going on to make 7 more! (I still don't have one for myself!)
I spend a lot of my time just searching through sites and Facebook groups for patterns, and have a verrryyy long list of things I want to make.

Now after many years, many animals and many blankets, I still have my love of Crochet. I rarely go a day without working on one of my many projects!

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sam1367 ...

Love the bags. Where are you in uk

Amie Jane ...

Thanks Sam, I’m in Derbyshire :) x