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Mad keen crafter. Love making lampwork beads, silversmithing, chain maille, crocheting, cardmaking, cooking, you name it!

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Janine Stauffer ...

how do I get this pattern Lisa I have tried to find it . can you help me?

Lisa Crispin ...

I’ve sent you a message.

Memaw ...

I would love to have this pattern. Please let me know how to find it. Thanks!

Janine Stauffer ...

Thank you so much Lisa

HeleneAnna Goyette ...

Afghan throw.
Also I would love to have this pattern if you have a copy – any format.

Thank you and as it is the 2nd of the Year, to you and your family:
Yesterday it is the past and it is gone.
Today is a present – enjoy it.
Tomorrow is the future with no guarantee, only the Hope.
Health, and Wealth, Peace, Joy and Happiness, Friendship and Love.

Hélène Anna Goyette
Ontario, Canada

Lisa Crispin ...

Today is a gift denied to many. We are going to face a challenging year,but am looking forward to meeting and defeating those challenges.

Lovecrothet ...

Hi love your cherry chemo cap. Where would I be able to obtain this pattern? I have several friends who I would love to make this for to wear during their chemo treatments.
Thank you
Linda Ilin

Lisa Crispin ...

It’s on Pinterest. . But the pattern is in Russian, so I basically worked it out from the photo.