I am a self taught crocheter and knitter. I love all crafts and love to create. I recently retired and now have many craft projects I want to do - what should I make next :)

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Thinking about making lilacs since mine are blooming😄… might give me a headache … didn’t realize how small the blooms are

Button Bracelet

I wrote my very first pattern for the black button bracelet but don’t know how to share since I don’t have a website. Any ideas?

Crocheting unique animals

Hi everyone! I am looking for ideas on crocheting unique animals…any ideas? Right now am working off and on crocheting a Loris. What animal do you think is unique?



Craftybear ...

I love YOUR creativity! There are very few people that I have seen with creations like yours. So much better than just following someone else’s directions. Shows your personality. Great job!
Debi…Crafty Bears


Thank you so much Debi!

Lou Woodhead ...

Your creations are really nice. I wonder how you use for the sole of your shoes.


I have used different things for soles. Flip flops, Soles from shoes, braided cord.